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Take your business from chaos to clarity. Lighten your workload and add some virtual magic to your business.


Time is Money - Let Us Manage Your Tasks for Optimal Efficiency

Glocal Virtual Assist offers administrative tasks management, call support, appointment setting, customer account management, social media management and so much more. With our tech-savvy and proactive virtual assistants, you can scale your business quickly and efficiently, without worrying about employee turnover or resource crunch.

Our 15+ years of industry experience make us a reliable partner for your virtual assistance needs. Let us handle the mundane tasks while you focus on what really drives your success. And with our customized virtual assistance services, you can save big on costs and still deliver value to your customers.

So why wait? Join the virtual business assistance revolution and be the trendsetter in your industry!

Customer support representative assisting a customer

What We Provide

Setting Appointments

Cold Calling

Inbound/ Outbound Calls

CRM Software

Email Handling

Follow Ups

MS Office

Google Suite

Creating MOM


Data Handling

Virtual assistant working on a laptop, providing remote support

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