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Introducing the Glocal Assist virtual assistants can help you save up to 70% of your time by eliminating the need to spend valuable time on non-core tasks which do not call for strategic decision making.

“Let Glocal Assist VA’s take care of you!”

At Glocal Assist, we identify with the importance of your work and make sure that your requirements are looked after in the best way possible. We ensure complete quality control and client satisfaction.

We offer a host of business-critical services to our clients including call screening/management, online marketing services, web development, internet research, transcription, entrepreneurial and business services. Our virtual assistants can take care of a wide range of skills, to help you work a little smarter.

Batman has robin.
You have us.

We combine the best systems and tools in the market with the best virtual assistants out there to deliver improved productivity and operational results for our clients. Your VA will get your ducks in a row. No matter how challenging the task, CONSIDER IT DONE!

Discover the GATEway to productivity and happiness.

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Glocal Assist Virtual Assistants are passionate about their work. We have built our team of highly skilled VA’s, who are experienced in clerical as well as specialized tasks. We provide virtual assistance in several different areas like real estate, technology, consultancy, designing, personal assistance, advertising and much more.

Imagine having a complete team of talent at your beck and call to support you and your business. Our team of Virtual Assistants can support almost every facet of an entrepreneur’s life.

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An organization of Firsts

Breaking the glass ceiling

Since we started this gender-bending journey 10 years ago, we have forged ahead challenging the status quo. We are not just envisioning an institution where women are the stars, we have created one. We have set an unprecedented standard by being an organization of firsts with a woman CEO and Founder. Today Glocal Assist is a premier ‘All Women’ global organization achieving unimagined possibilities.

Driving a positive change, we at Glocal Assist depend on the contributions of our superlative women leaders. This is part of what makes Glocal Assist exceptional. By recognizing each other’s unique strengths we deliver high performance-together. We’re proud ambassadors of Glocal Assist’s culture.

Our Women of Excellence

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There’s a reason why Glocal Assist is the No. 1 choice when it comes to Virtual Assistance services.

Actually, there are several.

Highly skilled, passionate talent

Highly skilled, passionate talent

Imagine having a complete team of talent at your beck and call to support you and your business. Our team of Virtual Assistants can support almost every facet of an entrepreneur’s life. We carefully vet our VA’s, to ensure that their skills are top-notch. We also provide individualized training and support, so you can get a skilled and experienced VA.

Bespoke matches

Bespoke matches

We listen to your requirements and match you up with a VA who can meet with your requirements. We aims to create a win-win situation for our clients by matching them with the most fitting virtual assistants, we'll gladly rematch you until you are satisfied with your VA.

Superior customer service

Superior customer service

We provide reliable, professional and efficient Virtual Assistance – Anytime, Anywhere. We are always ready with a Plan-B i.e. a substitute assistant in case of emergencies or vacation.