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Maximize your profits with the help of our expert staff.

The benefits of hiring an expert staff to handle your day-today Real Estate tasks are innumerable. We offer our core assistance in every aspect from agent to the allottee. Our team has expertise in handling your mundane admin tasks and complete them on your behalf at the most affordable price. In this ever-evolving dimension of the Real Estate Market, it is imperative that you keep up and adapt to the new changes that are offered by our organization. Thrive in the Real Estate market with the guidance of our professional team to become leaner and profitable in the coming years. Listed below are the services that you can avail-

Project Management Administration :

Our team will handle all your project management tasks to keep you away from the hassle of being stuck on your phones or desktop screens for hours. We have a highly experienced administrative team to handle every aspect of your project management.

  • Arrears Management
  • Leasing and Buying Management
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Online Property Listings
  • Appointment Setting
  • Tenure Management
  • Handling Vacates
  • Receipts and Invoice Management

Transaction Coordination :

Keeping track of your daily transactions can be a real hassle and thus, Glocal Real Estate is here to help you manage all these transactions. Glocal Real Estate will handle details of all your transactions.

  • Online Transaction Management
  • Creating a Customized Closing Checklist
  • Confirm and Verify Appraisal
  • Coordinate Tasks
  • Client Follow-Up
  • Negotiate Repairs

Sales Administration :

Make a change in your sales administration and bring out the growth in your Real Estate Sales. A Sales Administrator from Glocal Real Estate can guide your team to use your resources more efficiently and turn your internal team into all-producing members.

  • Quick Property Listings Online
  • Real Estate Researcher
  • E-mail Boosts
  • Data Management
  • Inbound and Outbound Calls Management
  • Business Developer

Real Estate Accounting :

Have your own personal Real Estate Accountant to handle all your accounting tasks. Glocal Real Estate is here to make your financial data more efficient. Utilize the expert guidance and skills of our team to manage your accounting in the easiest way possible.

  • Financial Analysis
  • Codify Financial System
  • Review and Audit Transactions
  • Develop Tax Strategies
  • New Financial Regulations
  • Reconciliations
  • Handling Insurance and Taxes

Marketing Coordination :

Drive your business to success with our Marketing Coordination team. Don’t miss out on any important marketing tasks because of your daily core business activities. Make an affordable change in your system to hire a team of experts for your marketing management.

  • Social Media
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • SEO
  • Online Analytics
  • Web Development
  • Electronic Direct Mail
  • CRM Campaigns