Customer Service

Customers are always right.

How well you deal with your clients or customers is what defines you.

Our expert VA’s will make sure that they treat your clients with the same care and concern as you would. They’ll have your back when it comes to processing orders, customer inquiries or inventory management through these services. The better your customer services would be, the better are the chances for your firm to flourish and we totally understand that. Our virtual assistants help you with:

Customer service enquiry via phone, email and live chat :

All customer service enquiries that are to be done via phone, email and live chat are done for you by our experts. This helps you save time which can be utilised to carry out other fruitful tasks.

Follow Up Calls :

To keep a constant track of the whole business process, follow up calls become important but due to lack of time, we might at times miss out on the same which turns out to be an obstacle in certain business functions. In order to make your work process smooth our Virtual assistants take charge of the same and make sure the communication remains constant and is done the right way.


Handpicked virtual assistants working for your peace of mind.


Inventory Management :

Inventory management is all about managing the quality, controlling of the orders and storage of components that a company will use in its production of the items which needs to be sold. It also involves controlling of quantities of finished products for sale.Our virtual assistants help you manage your inventory with the use of their expertise which saves you a lot of time and energy.

Data Entry:

Data Entry is one important and time consuming task and requires a lot of attention. It needs to be correct as a lot many other functions depends on the data that is entered.

Customer services are necessary to provide hundred percent satisfaction to customers with the products and services that your business provides. Glocal assist helps you save your maximum time spent on these activities to help you utilize the same on core tasks that includes Strategic Decision Making.

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