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What is the paycheck protection program?

A $350 billion initiative to promote citizen’s to work from home and to provide businesses with cash flow for the coming weeks. There are no loan payments for the first 6 months and the interest rate is also a low 1%. There are no hidden fee or need for personal guarantee to allow smooth processing.

Small Business Administration (SBA) is also offering:

  • EIDL Loan advance: Over $10,000 in economic relief to businesses facing temporary difficulties.
  • SBA debt relief: Financial waivers to businesses during corona virus pandemic.
  • SBA express bridge loans: Small businesses that currently have a business relationship with an SBA Express Lender can avail immediate relief up to $25,000

Who is Eligible?

  • Small businesses that meet SBA’s standard size.
  • Non-profit organizations with over 499 employees.
  • Independent contractors & self employed individuals.

We help your business

Check your eligibility

We help check which category your business falls under & how money will be granted to you.

Apply timely

The paycheck protection program comes with a funding cap. We work round the clock to submit your requests in timely fashion.

Diligently process your borrower form

We ensure accurate and rapid treatment of your borrower forms.

Avail the benefits of the relief fund

We your request is processed swiftly to ensure you can continue operating hassle free.

Ease the processing of lender application forms

With our virtual care assistant, we offer 24x7 services to put to rest any queries you may have.

Carry day to tasks efficiently

We ensure accurate & rapid treatment of your borrower forms to ensure your business runs smoothly.

We offer 3 different models of our service to allow you to choose the one best suited for your needs.

(CARE MODEL 1- $50 Dollars)

We provide step-by-step instructions via online video chat to help you through the process of filling out your form.

(CARE MODEL 2- $200 Dollars)

We take care of your forms via video sharing platforms to ease any worries you may have.

(CARE MODEL 3- $2000 Dollars)

We take over the whole process from filling the form to you receiving the due amount to ensure your safety and peace of mind whilst delivering all services timely.

We are extending our services to small business, lenders & borrowers to provide you with virtual assistance on Paycheck Protection Program. Allowing you to stay safe and take care of your family while we take care of every step meticulously. We are offering complete virtual assistance to help workers and business owners alike collect their relief funds under the CARES act.

Timely and reliable services for your business

We are constantly updating ourselves as more information comes to light. Transparency and urgency are our key focus areas in times of disaster. Allow us to be your beacon of light in these dark times.

Why us

Glocal has a proven record of providing high end services to multiple platforms and our team of hardworking individuals ensures your satisfaction and happiness.