Hiring a versatile, experienced and efficient VA

Keeping an organized record-book is crucial for any business. Glocal aims at hiring those virtual assistants for your business who are highly qualified, talented, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in Accounting and Book Keeping. Noting accounts payable or accounts received, tracking receipts, sorting employee reimbursements, managing quarterly tax returns –these are just a handful of the things a VA can help you with. A virtual assistant can help you with:

Sales & purchase Expense management :

Virtual Assistants make sure to manage all the sales and purchase related expenses which help in keeping a track of when and where a company is utilizing its funds and whether the utilization is done the correct way or not.

Budgeting :

Be it a business or any other thing budgeting is the most crucial part as the aim is to earn maximum profit with little expenditure.


Virtual Assistance - A helping hand you can count on.


Balance sheet management :

This helps you in keeping a track of all the credits and debits. Balance sheet management is crucial to keep you informed about company’s financial standing. Balance sheets also helps your company while applying for loans etc as it let banks know whether your business is qualified for taking loans or not. Balance sheet management help investors understand where their funding will go and what can be expected from the business in future.

Maintaining Cash Flow :

Cash Inflow and outflow needs to be noted time and again so as to keep a check on them. It is also important to note the export and import of all essential data that involves money matters.

Any organization can reduce its cost by taking help of Virtual Assistants who let you make efficient use of your resources by eliminating the less important aspects of business without sacrificing the quality and efficiency of the whole process. Rather than spending a lot of time, money and effort on in-house staffers, it is beneficial to let Virtual Assistants do it for you.

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