Glocal Assist offers advanced sentiment analysis capabilities by leveraging its industry-leading entity extraction along with its intelligent natural language processing (NLP) technologies. Glocal Assist’s sentiment analysis goes beyond traditional sentiment analysis where “positive” or “negative” sentiment is assigned at the document or sentence level. Such traditional approaches fail to recognize multiple, sometimes conflicting, sentiments that exist within a single document or sentence.

SMAC Stack Services is a new enterprise IT model that blends social, mobile, data analytics and cloud technologies to improve business competitiveness. Glocal Assist is offering Social Media Analytics & Sentiment Analysis services & Solutions. We have well expert team specialized in it. We cover all the segment of SMAC and deliver the quality and timely delivery services to all our clients around the globe.

  • Social – For Branding
  • Mobile – It has been driving unsettling innovation
  • Analytics – Analytics complements Big Data
  • Cloud – In modern business environments