Glocal Assist offers a full gamut of Mainframe Services to provide a partnership approach to any kind of customer requirement which aims at maximizing value and leveraging resources. Our close work relation with industry leaders helps to integrate the right mix of hardware, software and people to achieve optimal performance.

Benefits of Glocal Assist’s Mainframe Services
  • Reduces TCO
  • Saves capital
  • Increases responsiveness with utility provisioning
  • Minimizes risk and raises operational efficiency
  • Enhances service levels, efficiency and risk management


Glocal Assist offers you the most reliable application server with very high availability, advance compatibility, high performance, low maintenance cost, scalable hardware/software, support for i5/OS, Linux and IBMs Unix version, AIX 5L and Windows, adaptability to a wide variety of third party applications and pre-defined ways to access or modify data.