Digital – the use of information, business resources and technology in a tightly connected manner to produce innovative outcomes – is certainly not new. What has changed in recent years is its potential to transform businesses and even industries. In the past, its primary benefit was its ability to deliver incremental efficiency gains – to do familiar things better.

In today’s mobile-first, cloud-first world, technology is interwoven into every aspect of our daily lives. The cloud-enabled applications on our mobile devices guide our decisions and instantly connect us to our social circles. Technology has clearly transformed our business to generate income and value. It commences with digital assets and capabilities. For business, it means digital products, services, and enhanced customer experiences, conducted through digital channels from the front office all the way through the value chain.

Glocal Assist helps organizations by transforming into Worldwide Digital Enterprise through integration of project sites with the back office, supported by underlying technology enablers. We leverage our rich experience of partnering with global majors to facilitate your transition towards the digital media enterprise platform.

The technologies and concepts like BYOD, CYOD, Cloud, Social, Unified communication etc. are shaping today’s enterprise and Glocal Assist focuses on the entire stack – which means, redesigning and simplifying the business processes to suit the users and new realities, transforming the applications landscape, rationalizing them and then taking advantage of the agile and robust infrastructure technologies available today. It means using current models of cloud technologies when applicable and leverage the power of APIs to extend connectivity to multiple stakeholders outside your closed network. It also means using latest analytics and ITFM models to discover the true per-unit cost of a transaction in pre and post transformation scenarios so as to accurately model the business benefits for the enterprise.